"The impact of these systems on our campus has been significant. Before Curriculum and Catalog Navigator, our curriculum management and academic catalog processes were highly paper based and manually intensive. Curriculum and Catalog Navigator brought us processes with electronic forms, workflows and notifications. As a result, the time necessary to administer these processes has decreased and the accuracy and transparency of our curriculum and catalog processes has increased."

"If you were to ask me, 'Would I do it again, would l choose this vendor and why?' l would tell you this: without hesitation. The quality of work and effort we observed during the vendor implementation was highly regarded and we continue to have a strong relationship through Decision Academics customer support organization and user group."


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Streamline communication.  Decrease redundancy.  Increase accuracy and efficiency in managing your data.  Deliver, develop, and manage on-demand student degree information faster, better, and with a lower total cost of ownership.  Navigator Suite provides a unique solution for the academic planning, advising, transfer articulation, degree audit, reporting, catalog/calendar, and curriculum development and management functions of institutions and systems of higher education.  With all that and a robust suite wide integration capability, Navigator Suite is a true end-to-end solution.



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