Mission Critical Solutions Supporting Student Success

No other company can provide the depth and breadth of managing academic content in the way that meets the needs of a wide range of academic communities and provide the tools students need to guide them toward a successful outcome.

Designed solely for students, institutions and state higher education systems, Navigator Suite offers a flexible, intuitive and easy to use solution that equips students and advisors with self-service decision-making tools needed to easily explore and collaborate on complex transfer pathways and degree options.

Inform, Decide, Achieve.

Who is using Decision Academic?

More than one million students across 200 campuses in North America benefit from Navigator Suite. Our solution provides students and their institutions with the means to accomplish effective academic decision-making as well as increase administrative efficiency as students discover the most direct path to graduation. Here is what our customers are saying…

"On behalf of our system of 37 accredited Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, I am pleased to recommend Decision Academic and its Curriculum Management System to any higher education system seeking a solution to better manage its curriculum."
"Curriculum Navigator will increase efficiency by automating a very manual and labour intensive process that is prone to human error, providing a simple single interface that will increase consistency in the information required to submit a request. It will allow us to quickly adapt our curriculum to student and market demand and dramatically increase the efficiency and visibility of the curriculum creation, change and approval process across the university. It will also provide smooth integration between our curriculum management system and the SIS and online registration tool, Rabaska. These capabilities will enable us to deliver student value and give us a competitive edge."
"The impact of these systems on our campus has been significant. Before Curriculum and Catalog Navigator, our curriculum management and academic catalog processes were highly paper based and manually intensive. Curriculum and Catalog Navigator brought us processes with electronic forms, workflows and notifications. As a result, the time necessary to administer these processes has decreased and the accuracy and transparency of our curriculum and catalog processes has increased."