About Decision Academic

Decision Academic is the only provider of advanced academic advising and curriculum management solutions across the higher education industry. Our mission is to provide students and their institutions with systems they can depend on to help make accurate choices throughout their academic careers.

Since 1994, Decision Academic’s Navigator Suite of academic advising and curriculum management applications has helped Colleges, Universities and State Higher Education Systems attract more students and streamline their paths to graduation. Navigator Suite brings automation to the curriculum approval and publishing processes. As curriculum is approved and published, Navigator Suite goes further to equip students and advisors with self-service decision-making tools to easily explore and collaborate on the most complex transfer pathways and degree options.

Unlike the operational record-keeping emphasis of Student Information Systems, Navigator Suite focuses on the information and analysis that leads to an optimized curriculum offering by the institution and tools that support students in making the best decisions about courses, degrees and academic plans. Navigator Suite is a modern education technology platform that tightly integrates applications within the Suite and other curriculum dependent systems; drives accuracy and consistency across all advising and curriculum management processes; provides an intuitive user interface; and enables administrators to easily manage and configure workflows, forms, terminology and many other aspects of the application to meet business needs and support student success.

For more than one million students at 200 campuses across North America, Navigator Suite provides students and their institutions with the means to accomplish more effective academic decision-making, increased administrative efficiency as students discover the most direct path to graduation.

Decision Academic is a division of CSDC Systems, which has over 200 employees in five North American offices.