Academic Advising and Curriculum Management Solution

For institutions of higher education – Colleges, Universities and State Higher Education Systems – innovation and time haven’t always been mutually beneficial to the bottom line. In fact, they have been at polar opposites.

Dealing with curriculum information manually during one stage or all stages of the curriculum development, catalog publishing, degree planning and student transfers can be incredibly challenging, leaving institutional resources with very little time to focus on the student, their academic career and their future career aspirations.

As institutions of higher education transition from traditional paper-based methods and/or tools that limit functionality to application-based academic advising and curriculum management software, there is a growing need for applications that provide end to end solutions across an institution.

From a student’s initial research of an institution to requesting status of their degree to retrieving transfer data, Decision Academic provides the industry’s leading curriculum management, publishing and academic advising solution in a modular application-based platform that supports curricular accuracy, masking the complexity, administrational at a significantly lower administrative cost.

The ultimate result – Navigator Suite provides students and their institutions with the means to accomplish more effective academic decision-making and increased administrative efficiency as students discover the most direct path to graduation.