Catalog Navigator

The challenge of most institutions today involve the ability to generate clean and up-to-the minute output, for both the web and print, from a single source.

Catalog Navigator not only provides a tool that students can use for research, evaluation and preliminary decision-making, it enables administrators to make revisions to the structure and design of the catalog and academic calendar without any impact on the content. Therefore, you can publish up-to-the minute content and print hard copies as needed.

Catalog Navigator can also be easily integrated with other Decision Academic products including Curriculum Navigator, Degree Navigator and Transfer Navigator. Catalog Navigator supports these other products by eliminating the need to re-key information on multiple forms and therefore, improving overall efficiency and reducing human errors.

As an academic advising and curriculum management solution, Catalog Navigator simplifies and eases both student and administrative functions by providing the following:

Content Management for Academic Catalogs
Multiple Outputs (Print & Web)
Templates for Consistent Formatting
Workflow Edit Approvals
Archive Management
XML Import
When used in conjunction with Curriculum Navigator, it provides an optimum solution for a student-facing library of information that enables them to start paving their degree path. Advisors and administrators on the other hand, use Curriculum Navigator and Catalog Navigator to develop and publicly provide this information for their prospective and current students. Together, they are a powerful and complete, integrated solution for both staff and students.

Course Management Whitepaper

A college or university’s ability to efficiently manage curriculum changes is typically hampered by a variety of cumbersome legacy processes. A Decision Academic white paper called “Course Management: From Proposal to Publication” offers insight into what an integrated curriculum and catalog solution should offer. The paper considers these issues in the context of course introductions and changes, but similar considerations would apply to degree and program workflows. The paper also provides an overview of how Navigator Suite operates to improve efficiency, accuracy and visibility throughout the curriculum value chain.

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