Navigator Suite

As an integrated set of products designed specifically for higher education institutions and state wide systems, Navigator Suite provides a complete academic advising and curriculum management solution that is, ultimately, a one stop shop for planning, auditing, transfer data management, report generation and publication, catalog and database management, curriculum development, simplifying student access, speeding the approval process and streamlining advisor/administrative functions.

From administrators developing customized curriculums to students browsing the academic calendar to the retrieval and management of transfer data, Navigator Suite provides a modular, application-based platform that removes the complexity out of a once time consuming academic advising and curriculum management process.

Navigator Suite is enabling institutions and state wide systems to accelerate their time-to-market and improve the overall quality of their student data through a modular suite of innovative and easy-to-use features. From emerging mid-sized institutions to multi-institution/multi-campus state wide systems, Navigator Suite provides a robust, scalable and configurable Web-based interface for any phase of the academic advising and curriculum management process.

Navigator Suite offers a comprehensive range of features that enhance the collection, management, validation and auditability of student data. Navigator Suite’s user friendly Web-based interface, configurable design, integrated reporting and powerful data management accelerate decision making and reduce overall operational costs.

Navigator Suite has everything you need to start your academic advising and curriculum management process quickly. These include:

One Integrated Curriculum Platform

  • Single System for Faculty, Staff, IT and Students
  • Integrated Curriculum Approval, Audit, Catalog, Transfer
  • Integration capability with your existing SIS or 3rd party provider

Single Source of Curriculum Data

  • Standardization & Consistency of the Data
  • Ensures Data Integrity
  • Rich Reporting Repository

Centralized Administration

  • Eliminates Duplication of Effort
  • Enforces Control Over Critical Data
  • Provides Workload Tracking