Transfer Navigator

Transfer Navigator combines flexible student database maintenance capabilities with advanced report generation, making it the leading transfer data management solution in the market today. As a stand-alone product, it provides a unique tool for state wide systems and institutions to more accurately and easily evaluate transfer relationships and equivalencies, making it easier for students and administrators to provide optimum transfer student guidance.

From leaving a campus for another campus with a stronger reputation to saving money by moving to a more inexpensive institution to many other reasons, student’s will enroll at two or more institutions in their degree lifetime. The growing number of transfer students indicates a need for more efficient and accurate management of transfer student data. Transfer Navigator is an application-based solution that not only meets this need but is also compliant to legislative requirements for granting credits.

Transfer Navigator not only takes the complexity and time consuming element of maintaining and managing transfer student information but as a complete solution, when integrated into the Decision Academic’s Navigator Suite, it becomes a powerful instrument. By automating the validation and tracking of data and enabling access to the degree audit for applicability, a transfer student has all the tools he/she needs to evaluate their transfer credits. The advisor/administrator also has all the tools necessary to provide proper guidance and to speed the approvals that the transfer student needs to arrive at their destination.

Armed with highly configurable features, an easy-to-use publisher, integration capabilities with an existing SIS (Student Information System) and more, Transfer Navigator can scale to the size and requirements of any institution and/or state wide system. It can:

Staff Define & Track Transfer Relationships
Track and define enrolled Students Browse Relationships
Recruit- Prospective Student
Configure and support transfer Rules to Support Variable Relationships